mardi 1 septembre 2015

Parapente / Paragliding Verbier

Parapente Verbier
Envolez-vous et ressentez cette liberté sublime de planer comme un oiseau. Le rêve d'Icar ne vous aura jamais semblé aussi proche avec Adrenaline...

Fly away and experience the sublime freedom of gliding like a bird. The dream of Icar will have never seemed so close with Adrenaline...

lundi 25 mai 2015

Ski touring Greenland

Greenland our  Dreamland

Greenland ... a huge white mass deposited on our world maps, a touch of mystery and allure of a land untouched by exploration. At these latitudes, mass tourism does not exist. Greenland is one of those destinations still carrying the promise of adventure. And tour operators have understood this, since it appears more and more regularly in the pages of their catalogs. This is the case with the Verbier guides offering two ski stays in April between Maniitsoq and the fjord of Eternity, to the island of Hamborgeland and the village of Kangamiut. This area is considered one of the most beautiful in Greenland and offers unlimited skiing with wide valleys, sparkling glaciers and an almost continuous view of the sea. We are far, very far, from our massive in a universe suffused with an almost divine aura in which the glide is unreal.

To sleep, obligation: sea legs
Point cottage or refuge as their headquarters. The uniqueness of this atypical stay is to offer accommodation on an authentic sailing ship 56 meters long, which will wet every night near the fjords with breathtaking of the mountains nd surrounding glaciers plunging directly into the waters ice of Baffin Bay! This is actually a former herring boat, which sailed into the cold waters of Svalbard from 1994 to 1996 and from 1998 to 2001 in the Galapagos. In 2011 it was completely rebuilt and renovated to navigate, from 2012, the west coast of Greenland. It can accommodate up to 34 passengers in 17 double cabins and houses a vast public space with a large restaurant. For lovers of aperitifs and digestives it also offers a separate bar, a lounge and a library.

An adventure that should remain a luxury for many
This trip is aimed at good level of backcountry skiers seeking new spaces. Sometimes sailing, sometimes downhill to the sound of guillemots and seagulls will accompany the vessel's progress, this trip invites hikers to ski some of the highest mountains in the fjord of Eternity, Evighedsfjorden in the text! A true free ride Arctic living on land that remains confidential. A once-in-a-lifetime trip, this experience will cost at least 4500 euros six days of hiking! A rate that should reserve experience to a handful of lucky ones while preserving
 Greenland’s uncontrolled tourist invasion!